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Universidad EAFIT
Carrera 49 # 7 sur -50 Medellín Antioquia Colombia
Carrera 12 # 96-23, oficina 304 Bogotá Cundinamarca Colombia
(57)(4) 2619500
EAFITProgramas académicosPosgradosPhD in Mathematical EngineeringPhD in Mathematical Engineering / About the program

​About the program

​​​​​​​​​​​The premise of the doctoral program in mathematical e​ngineering at Universidad EAFIT is to contribute to the development of the countries by training professional researchers capable of undertaking scientific, original, and high-level research applicable to real problems that contribute to building and applying new knowledge through the use of mathematics and advanced computational techniques.​​

​​General information

SNIES code: 103604.
Education Ministry qualification: Resolution 13045 of August 13, 2014.
Degree granted:
Doctor in mathematical engineering.
4 years (8 semesters).
In person.
Cities where the program is offered: 
Medellín, Colombia. 
Olga Lucía Quintero Montoya
Director of the program​
Phone number:​ 261 9500, extension 9064.


This PhD program aims at educating professionals capable of providing theoretical contributions from mathematics, which can be applied to the different productive sectors through the development of research skills, mathematical formalism and interdisciplinary work, which will allow them to have future autonomy to raise and resolve problems in their academic and/or work setting. So, the program wants: ​

  • To educate professionals capable of providing theoretical contributions from mathematics with applicability to the different productive sectors. 
  • To train researchers to gain the ability to lead academic and research processes within the core of mathematical knowledge. 
  • To contribute to the education of people so that they engage in scientific and technological development through research in its different stages, types and processes: scientific research, applied research, technological development and innovation activities.​
  • To facilitate the generation of original and high-impact results to contribute to the development of mathematics.
  • To strengthen and consolidate mathematical research at Universidad EAFIT through interdisciplinary work among the University’s research groups and other regional, national or international research groups.​​​​
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